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As of Tuesday, Sep 2, 11:30 PM CDT

Calais mayor threatens to block port
The mayor of the French city of Calais threatens to block the port unless Britain does more to control the rising number of illegal migrants.
Posted 1 minute 24 seconds ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
Obama in Europe for Ukraine talks
US President Barack Obama flies to Estonia for talks with regional leaders amid growing concern over Russia's intervention in Ukraine.
Posted 2 hours 34 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
VIDEO: Beslan school siege: Ten years on
Ten years after the end of the deadly siege of a school in Beslan, North Ossetia, BBC Russian's Olga Ivshina spoke to some of those who were there.
Posted 3 hours 40 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
The lost fight to save Spain's mines
The lost fight to save Spain's mines
Posted 3 hours 46 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
Austria's only snail farmer
The IT worker who quit his job to farm snails for restaurants
Posted 3 hours 46 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
Paris 'Gestapo' plaque to be restored
Anger at removal of WW2 plaque for victims of 'French Gestapo'
Posted 3 hours 52 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
Why Nato-Russia relations soured
How Nato-Russia ties spiralled downwards
Posted 3 hours 58 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
UK moves up global economic ranking
The UK edges up the World Economic Forum's worldwide rankings, but the group warns that the health of the global economy is at risk.
Posted 5 hours 13 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
VIDEO: Video shows Ukraine soldiers 'abuse'
Ukraine's defence minister has accused Russia of launching a "great war" that could claim tens of thousands of lives.
Posted 8 hours 8 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
Gayet wins new French privacy case
Actress Julie Gayet, linked to President Hollande, wins a privacy case against a photographer who snapped her in her car, which French law deems private space.
Posted 11 hours 28 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
VIDEO: West looks 'really weak' over Ukraine
A senior Ukrainian diplomat says the West looks weak against a "power drunk" Russia.
Posted 11 hours 57 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
Police 'must return boy to hospital'
A court orders Irish police to apprehend a 16-year-old boy who had absconded from hospital, bring him back and remain with him until a brain scan is carried out on him.
Posted 12 hours 33 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
Ashya situation not right - police
Hampshire Police chief constable says the situation involving Ashya King's parents "is not right", and they should be reunited with him.
Posted 13 hours 50 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
Million 'have fled Ukraine conflict'
The number of people who have fled the fighting in Ukraine has doubled in weeks, and the UN says more than a million have now been displaced.
Posted 13 hours 50 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
VIDEO: European Parliament
MEPs are taking evidence on the Italian presidency's priorities for industry and training.
Posted 15 hours 23 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
Nazi disabled victims memorial opens
A glass monument is publicly opened in Berlin to 300,000 victims of the Nazis with mental and physical disabilities or chronic illnesses.
Posted 16 hours 39 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
EU's Mogherini calls for Nato muscle
Nato must back words with actions to reassure countries bordering on Russia, the EU's new foreign affairs chief says.
Posted 16 hours 45 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
Have some football clubs overpaid for players?
Have some football clubs overpaid for their new players?
Posted 17 hours 2 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
VIDEO: Volcano continues fiery lava eruption
A dramatic lava eruption that began early on Sunday near Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano has continued into Monday.
Posted 17 hours 56 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
Swiss economy stalls as EU slows
Switzerland's economy failed to grow in the second quarter of the year, official figures show, with trade affected by stagnation in the rest of Europe.
Posted 19 hours 1 minute ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
Russian sex geckos die in orbit
Five gecko lizards sent into orbit on a Russian space satellite as part of a sex experiment have all died, the Russian space agency says.
Posted 19 hours 24 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
Uber banned across Germany by court
A Frankfurt court tells car pick-up service Uber to stop taking passengers or face a fine because it lacks permits to operate in Germany.
Posted 20 hours 15 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
Russia 'to alter military doctrine'
Russia is to adjust its military doctrine as a result of the Ukraine crisis and Nato's increasing presence in eastern Europe, a top Russian official says.
Posted 21 hours 3 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
Thousands in late rush to vote
Local registration centres say in recent days they have received tens of thousands of applications from people wanting to vote.
Posted 21 hours 32 minutes ago - 09/02/14 - Full Story
Falcao caps record summer spending
Radamel Falcao's loan move to Manchester United was the major deadline day signing as summer spending hits a record 835m.
Posted 1 day 1 hour ago - 09/01/14 - Full Story
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