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As of Tuesday, Jul 29, 01:50 PM CDT

Max Mosley sues Google over photos
Ex-motorsport boss Max Mosley issues High Court proceedings against Google for publishing photos of him taken at a sex party.
Posted 1 hour 56 minutes ago - 07/29/14 - Full Story
In pictures: Eid around the world
Muslims around the world celebrate Eid
Posted 2 hours 8 minutes ago - 07/29/14 - Full Story
VIDEO: BBC on ground amid Ukraine artillery fire
The BBC's Jonathan Beale says artillery fire from the Ukraine military seems to be intensifying in Donetsk.
Posted 3 hours 6 minutes ago - 07/29/14 - Full Story
Ecclestone 'to settle' bribery case
Lawyers for Bernie Ecclestone say the Formula 1 boss is ready to pay a German bank 25 million euros ($34m; 20m) to settle a court case against him.
Posted 3 hours 29 minutes ago - 07/29/14 - Full Story
EU widens sanctions against Russia
EU has adopted range of fresh economic sanctions against Russia over the conflict in Ukraine, EU sources say
Posted 3 hours 34 minutes ago - 07/29/14 - Full Story
Turkey PM to return US Jewish award
A row over Israel prompts Turkey's PM Erdogan to return an award he received in 2004 from the American Jewish Congress.
Posted 3 hours 46 minutes ago - 07/29/14 - Full Story
Jewish Museum suspect extradited
Mehdi Nemmouche, the suspected gunman in a fatal shooting at a museum in Brussels in May, has been extradited to Belgium from France.
Posted 5 hours 7 minutes ago - 07/29/14 - Full Story
Crowdfunding in Ukraine's DIY war
How Ukrainians are crowdfunding war effort
Posted 6 hours 42 minutes ago - 07/29/14 - Full Story
Italy to 'help douse' Libya fire
Italy offers to help extinguish a huge blaze that has engulfed the biggest fuel storage facility in the Libyan capital, Libya's government says.
Posted 7 hours 34 minutes ago - 07/29/14 - Full Story
Pussy Riot sue Russian government
Two Pussy Riot activists who were imprisoned for performing a protest song in a Moscow cathedral are suing the Russian government.
Posted 7 hours 52 minutes ago - 07/29/14 - Full Story
VIDEO: Algeria flight 'asked to turn back'
The French Foreign Minister, Laurent Fabius, has confirmed that the pilots of a plane that crashed in Mali last Thursday had asked for a change of course.
Posted 8 hours 52 minutes ago - 07/29/14 - Full Story
Gherkin skyscraper put up for sale
London's Gherkin skyscraper is put up for sale, with interest expected from Chinese, other Asian, and US buyers.
Posted 8 hours 52 minutes ago - 07/29/14 - Full Story
BP warns of Russia sanctions risk
Oil giant BP reports a rise in second quarter profits to $3.2bn, but warns that further economic sanctions against Russia could affect its business.
Posted 8 hours 52 minutes ago - 07/29/14 - Full Story
Kosovo ex-rebels 'should face trial'
An EU war crimes prosecutor accuses ex-Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) commanders of grave offences in the 1999 war against Serbia.
Posted 8 hours 52 minutes ago - 07/29/14 - Full Story
VIDEO: Trying to bring MH17 victims home
A team of Dutch forensic investigators will again try to access the Malaysia Airlines wreckage site in eastern Ukraine.
Posted 9 hours 39 minutes ago - 07/29/14 - Full Story
VIDEO: Russia's British ballet star
A dancer from Hull who is the first British dancer to be employed by the Mariinsky Ballet in Russia has returned to the UK to perform with the company at Covent Garden.
Posted 9 hours 39 minutes ago - 07/29/14 - Full Story
Ukraine conflict: EU squeezes Russia
EU braces for economic pain with further sanctions
Posted 10 hours 2 minutes ago - 07/29/14 - Full Story
Migrant benefits to be tightened
The UK is to cut from six to three months the amount of time out-of-work EU migrants can claim benefits without realistic job prospects.
Posted 11 hours 31 minutes ago - 07/29/14 - Full Story
EU set to widen Russia sanctions
The European Union is set to back new sanctions against Russia, targeting its finance, energy and defence sectors over the conflict in Ukraine.
Posted 11 hours 31 minutes ago - 07/29/14 - Full Story
US: Russia 'violated missile treaty'
Russia has violated an arms treaty by testing a nuclear cruise missile, the US says, as Barack Obama discusses sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis.
Posted 14 hours 39 minutes ago - 07/28/14 - Full Story
Gabriel Prokofiev debuts concerto
Gabriel Prokofiev debuts WW1 concerto
Posted 16 hours 50 minutes ago - 07/28/14 - Full Story
The prisoners who grew 33,000 lettuces
The prisoners who grew 33,000 lettuces
Posted 19 hours 11 minutes ago - 07/28/14 - Full Story
MH17 crash: The 298 who perished
The 298 men, women and children who perished
Posted 19 hours 35 minutes ago - 07/28/14 - Full Story
Are Ukraine's rebels fighting a 1920s war?
Are Ukraine's 2014 rebels fighting a war from the 1920s?
Posted 1 day 11 minutes ago - 07/28/14 - Full Story
MH17 jet 'downed by shrapnel'
Security officials in Ukraine say the Malaysia Airlines jet downed in eastern Ukraine suffered an explosive loss of pressure caused by missile shrapnel.
Posted 1 day 41 minutes ago - 07/28/14 - Full Story
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